Quality links are one of the key aspects of good SEO and high search engine rankings. But the true value of any link is determined only by the search engines, not SkySEO. The search engines do NOT publicize their methods of evaluating links, and do NOT report the absolute value of specific links. (Trust us, if they gave us the metrics, we'd give you the metrics!) 

SkySEO uses nearly a decade of research and data to determine the most efficient, effective and affordable way to create a link structure most likely to result in getting our clients to the top spots of Google, Bing and Yahoo! search. 

Links are acquired for search engine spiders and bots and are designed to provide the unique white-hat technical data to help our clients' Web pages achieve top search engine rankings. 

Links are NOT acquired for human beings to find, read or evaluate; they are for better SEO results only. Human beings may not find any of our clients' links in direct connection to their websites for any purpose. 

Legally and ethically, SkySEO cannot guarantee the outcome of our work related to our clients' search engine rankings. SEO, as we say, is one part art and one part science. The results of fine art are not necessarily measurable or repeatable. 

Our past work, our proven, seven-step process and our decades of experience, may give your website the highest chances of ranking in the top of the search engines for the selected keywords relevant to your industry. 

Sincerely, The SkySEO Team