Our Proven Process

Like eating or bathing, Search Engine Optimization is not something you do once and never think about again. Google constantly changes its search algorithms to keep spam websites from showing up in top rankings, and to stay ahead of black hat SEO tactics. Any successful SEO campaign requires experts who can stay on top of the algorithms and the ever-changing rules to keep your website at the top of the search rankings. 

Seven Steps to SEO Success

There are certain components to successful SEO. With our decades of combined experience, we've condensed it into seven easy steps, our proven SEO process that has worked for our own websites and those of our satisfied clients. 

We describe each of the steps below, and you can click on the Services tab to learn more about each specific step and why it's worked for thousands of business owners, from Dallas SMBs (and beyond) to Fortune 500 companies. 


Client Requirements

We put your needs first. It's as simple as that. Any SEO process must begin with a discussion of the client's market segment, goals and capabilities. We want to find out what aspects of SEO you'll be managing yourself, (if any) and where you'll want to bring in the experts. Whatever you need, we'll work with you to deliver it on your time line and within your budget.  


Website Analysis

Before we can help improve your website's search engine rankings through our proven SEO process, we have to find out where you are now. Our second step is a thorough analysis of your website and its strengths, weaknesses, and greatest opportunities for improvement. Do you need a complete search overhaul or just some tweaking, content marketing and link-building? 


Keyword Research

Part art, part science, pinpointing the right keywords is at the heart of any successful SEO strategy. Our experts determine primary, secondary and golden keywords -- the coveted terms that are high competition and frequently searched -- and then create a content writing campaign that employs these terms to improve your search engine rankings.  

Content Writing

Good content writers know how to use keywords naturally and create content that informs, entertains, educates... and ranks in the search engines. Our team of content writers have experience writing and blogging for top SEO and content agencies as well as large and small corporations, and run their own top-ranked blogs and websites. 


Website Optimization & Submission

To fully optimize your website, you need professionals who know what to do on your site's back-end to get you to Google's front page. Once your site is optimized in every way, with quality content using the right keywords and effective back-end SEO, we know how and where to submit it to all the major search engines, not just one or two. 



Under the newest search algorithms, relevant backlinks to your site count more than ever. We'll build high-quality links to your site that will drive traffic and raise your rankings, with no paid links or “black-hat” tactics, ever. 


Custom Reporting

Is our SEO process working for your site? Custom reporting shows you exactly how well you're doing -- and helps us improve your results. With custom metrics that show where your inbound traffic is coming from, what's effective, and what's not, we'll go back to the analysis phase and tweak and modify to keep you on top without spending more (time or money) than you have to.