Social Media Marketing

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. You've heard of them all. Now there's Google +, Pinterest, and many others. Does keeping up with social media marketing seem like a full-time job? 

That's because it is. 

But it's not your job, as the owner or marketing director of a business using search marketing to stay three steps ahead of the competition. Your job is supervising the design and manufacture of widgets. Or selling them. Or doing whatever it is your company does better than anyone else that lets you pay the bills each month. (That about covers it, right? And we mean no disrespect by calling your fine products widgets... it's just a fun word to say.) 

Our job? Well, our name provides a big hint on that one. Our single focus is SEO and everything related to it. And that includes sorting out the truths and myths, the must-haves and the “can-safely-ignores,” when it comes to social media marketing. 

The Key to Social Media Marketing: Strategy. Execution. Testing. Repeat.

Does that sound like the boring, tedious stuff you want to outsource? That's exactly why we're here for you. It's what we live for.  (Well, that and BlogWorld, but since that's a once-a-year event, we need something a bit more fulfilling to keep us going between coffee breaks.) 

Here's just a glimpse at the SEO services we provide that fall neatly (ha! nothing is ever 'neat' in the world of internet marketing...) under the umbrella of Social Media Services. 

- Establish and maintain a social media profile on relevant networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, YouTube and others -  Keeping track of all the social media networks is a challenge. Just yesterday, we heard an honest-to-goodness SEO writer and internet marketer (not one of ours!) ask, “So what's the deal with Pinterest?” Well, we know “the deal,” and after spending some time with you, your website and your prospects, we'll know which outlets are worth it for your inbound marketing endeavors. In other words: We know where all the cool kids hang out. 

- Content creation / Content development - Does the phrase “content is king” sound familiar? It's true in all areas of SEO, including -- especially -- social media, which can encompass a company blog, white papers, free reports, videos and even tweets. [Link back to content writing page]. 

- Content aggregation - Not everything you share has to be unique and original. We'll help your company establish trust and build a strong brand by sharing relevant content from respected outside sources. 

- Social media monitoring and analysis - You need to know exactly what your network is saying about you, and then we'll help you leverage that information to build trust and solidify your brand. 

- A/B Variate Testing, Metrics and Analytics - We do the testing, and provide you with the metrics, to show you the results of every social media marketing campaign and to make sure your ROI is what you expect -- or even better than you expect. Like flying first class, you may expect the little umbrella in your tropical drink, but you don't expect the foot massage. (Incidentally, if you find an airline that offers foot massages in first class, please book us on the next flight to anywhere.) 

SkySEO: No Limits

We're trying really hard not to say “the sky's the limit,” because it's so obvious, so predictable. And you want social media marketing that's relevant, compelling, even infectious... but never predictable. 

Besides, the only limit to your social media marketing campaign is in the creative imaginations of our SEO experts and content marketing teams. And since we unleash the best people in the industry for your social media marketing ... there is no limit to what we can do for you. 

We want you to look at the results of your social media marketing campaign and say, “Wow! I never thought social media could do THAT!” We really want you to get as excited about social media as we are -- or at least, excited about the results as you watch the site traffic and sales start pouring in. Because we know that a big, fat bottom line is the number one thing that really gets every business owner excited.