Website Development

Everyone seems to think they can develop a website. While today's platforms make it easy to create a professional looking website with very little coding skill, that doesn't mean it will have the SEO that will take you to the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines.

Let's say you were leaving for a crucial business meeting across the world. Would you jump in to your buddy's commuter plane, the same buddy who just got his pilot's license last week? Or would you book a first class flight on an established airline to take you from DFW direct to Sydney? 

Yeah, we would, too.

So why would you pay an amateur hundreds of dollars to create a website that may, or may not, drive any traffic to your website, increase conversions and put you on Google's first page? 

We don't know either. 

With all due respect to the micro-business website developers out there, if you're a Dallas business owner looking to improve conversions and increase the ROI for your internet marketing, you need something more. 

We're talking a quick scotch in the lounge, maybe a light snack, maxing out the  frequent flier points, and then when you get on the plane, there's leg room, champagne, first-run in-flight movies ... first class all the way. 

To put that in SEO and internet marketing terms, you want a business with a team of qualified experts in: 


- paid and organic search marketing

- conversions

- A/B and multivariate testing

- analytics

- SEO copywriting and content marketing

- social media marketing and optimization

- website development, including a team with an eye for graphics that people can't help sharing all over the Web 

A strong, solid, website with good SEO is the start of a successful internet marketing campaign... and a successful business.