Website Optimization

Are you looking at a big bill for a website design service ... and a Google ranking that makes you wonder why you even bothered? Some so-called Web development experts don't know the first thing about SEO website optimization. Here at SkySEO, it's a pre-requisite. We aren't going to sell you a website that no one is going to be able to find. It's implied in our name, SkySEO. 

Web designers, Internet marketers, content developers and more. But at the heart of everything we do... SEO is there. And that's how it should be in the world of internet marketing. First-class SEO must come first. 

The Elements of Website Optimization

Backlinks and off-site content play a role in SEO, but website optimization focuses on what you can control. It's like flying. (You saw that coming, didn't you?) You may be able to pick a window or an aisle seat or, if you're really lucky, one in the emergency exit row for a little more legroom, but you don't get to decide whether you'll sit next to the guy who probably should have bought two seats or the grandma reading Shades of Gray. (And what a choice that would be.) 

Website optimization includes keywords, tags, URLs, meta data, images, captions, your site's architecture and navigation, internal links, content and more. (Aren't you glad you have us to manage it all?) Each element plays a key role in how your website will rank, and how many well-qualified leads will find you. 

Website Optimization Describes It All

Of course, website optimization encompasses many of the services we offer, including: 

- link-building

- back-end and front-end SEO

- strategic SEO copywriting and content marketing

- competitive analysis

- keyword research and analysis

And much, much more. You don't even need to know about all we'll do to get your website to the first page of Google, Yahoo!, Bing and the other search engines, unless you want to. Just know that we'll do it, do it well, and do it at a price that's within the budget of most business owners. No tough choices here.