Who Is SkySEO?

We considered beginning this page with these words: SkySEO is a Dallas-based Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, and Social Media Marketing firm... Are you asleep yet? 

Sure, our About page is important, but it should tell our visitors about more than just who we are. Let's put it this way: We're just like you, except with decades of experience in search marketing and a passion for helping business owners succeed. 

We decided the quote above was a good way to kick off this page, because it describes Search Engine Optimization pretty well. Shoot for the moon... the top listing.... and if you miss with the right techniques and processes, you'll land on the first page for organic search results... and that means more leads, better visibility and, ultimately, bigger profits. 

We think it's a fun quote that shows promise, innovation and ambition. Plus, it ties into our name. Which, incidentally, came about because of the way we all “aim high” around here. We're ready to help you shoot for the moon with your search rankings -- and stick the landing, too. 

Our Goal, Or How We're Shooting for the Moon For You

At SkySEO, our goal is to get every client in the Number One Spot on the first page of the search engines for their most-searched keywords. Because 42% of the 4 billion people who use Google, Yahoo or Bing to find what they're looking for online click the first organic link they see. It's as simple as that. Where do you want to be? 

A Little More About Us

SkySEO was founded, and is run, by two Dallas business owners with a passion for technology, marketing and the Web. We understand the search algorithms and know what goes into good SEO (and how to implement it). We have a team of qualified experts on board to provide you with the best keyword results, Web design, Web content writing, article marketing, Website optimization, PPC, link-building and more. (Check our Services tab for an in-depth look at exactly what we offer clients.) 

But, first and foremost, we are business owners with top-ranked websites of our own. We understand business processes, inbound marketing, business management and the importance of ROI. Most importantly, we understand the challenges business owners of every size face every day. We're here to help you meet some of those challenges as they pertain to website optimization, PPC, content writing, inbound marketing and SEO. 

Whether you've been running a successful website for some time and need someone to tweak the SEO on an ongoing basis to keep you at the top of the search engines, or you're launching a new site and need SEO consultants, Web designers and content writers to handle the entire project, SkySEO delivers with passion, expertise and personality. (Get to know us... you'll see we're fun people!)